the professor

redefining the new Renaissance Man




Definitions –

Roissy Game definition –

The Rationalization Hamster –

Hypergamy –

Dating market value test – Men –

Dating market value test – Women –

Red pill summary –

Objective beauty –

The 1-10 scale –

Red Pill enlightenment –

The stone soup of Game –

Hamster science:

Focus areas –

Manosphere map –

The socio-sexual hierarchy –

TOP lists

Collection of Roosh/Roissy articles for LTR game and handling female relations in general –

Collection of Rollo articles after 1 year and 1 million views –

Iron rules (Rollo Tomassi) –

Sixteen Commandments (Roissy) –

Roissy maxims I –

Roissy maxims II –

Immutable laws of pick-up (Roosh) –

Game fixers –

Reflections – 7 things I would tell my teenage self (Roosh) –

Change these behaviors (Roosh) –

Book reviews –

More book reviews –

Even more book & blog reviews –


Blog Pipeline:
  • (context) Pendulum of patriarchy – the swing of society in civilization
  • (context) Alpha-beta equilibrium – modern application of instinctual traits
  • (dynamics) Shatter the shit test – mass application of the definitive defense
  • (dynamics) Don’t be a masterbeta – unlearn this
  • (context) Semantics of SMV – realize value, maximize outcome
  • (outcomes) Sustained monogamy – the domestication of Hypergamy


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  1. lista de email October 1, 2012 at 6:24 am

    liked this information a lot, thank you very much for that. - Mapping the Manosphere

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