the professor

redefining the new Renaissance Man


Guest post by Brovado

The brush in the wind
From the sway of his purposeful walk
Eyes lock across the way to the lady in the summer dress
Her confident stride briefly thrown off her bearings
By the man who drums to his own beat
That dude has swagger.

A mundane elevator ride
The lady quietly enters with her headphones
Man strolls in, makes casual note about weather
Compliments the color of her summer dress
As it amplifies his enthusiasm for the summer
She’s drawn in to the magnetism of his observational yet aloof aura
“We should catch up some time!”, she says, as she gets off on the wrong floor
He smiles as he gets off his floor, never looking at the number
As if his internal barometer from his regimented routine senses that he has arrived
That dude has swagger.

Undermined and challenged by his superiors and colleagues
He walks away from the meeting with a poker face
After being thrown under the bus
he calmly rationalizes his alibis for every accusation
Walks back to his desk
Gets a friendly ping from a colleague that she got promoted
He congratulates her even though he was overlooked for his own promotion
For he knows the art of war
And does not carry the fickle reactiveness of negativity
As he knows the only solution is action
Not bitterness or black holes of pity
Walks around unscathed, friendly to those he gets along with, neutral to his adversaries
Another department head is impressed with his casual demeanor and mature attitude
Leaves the company six months later, offers man a double promotion to walk away
He smiles as he resigns with no resentment or burned bridges
For that dude has swagger.

Two more reps
He sweats it out
It’s not much weight, but it was more than last time
He grits it out, for he knows his muscle memory just needs a refresher
Keeps at it 3 days heavy per week for six months
Forgetting the pain, and just enjoying the release
Now he wakes up eager to build and sculpt
Not just to exercise or maintain
“There’s something different about you, I just can’t put my finger on it”, she says
As she brushes her hands across his deltoid down his tricep
“I guess there is”, he smirks casually
For that dude has swagger.

She: “Hiiii … Forget me already?” reads her text on Monday
He: “It’s been an eventful Sunday, you know.. With napping and brunch and all.”
She: “I don’t want to just be another one of your girls”
He: “only other woman in my life is my mom”
She: “yeah… This week…”
He: “I have ADD. Remind me why you’re awesome again (besides those boobs that defy gravity)”
She: (sends hot selfie from Friday night)
He: “you have a phenomenal anterior posterior”
She: “no idea what that means but I’m turned on! maybe I can refresh your memory live later on this week (avalanche of emoticons)”
He: “I’ll have to check my schedule, but I’m not against that” knowing full well that nothing is yet planned for the week
For that dude has swag.

He walks home
Looks in the mirror
Locks in a gaze so strong it can only reflect back a glimmer from his pupils
The rest of his facial features fade
Even his physical characteristics dissolve
He sees his own soul
Feels his own presence
He is in the moment
And he smiles
For that dude has swagger.

That dude is you.
It was you all along.
He is in you.
Let out his swag. Let it breathe.
Dude, you have swagger.

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