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[dynamics] Exit LJBF. Enter SMV.

Defintions: [LJBF = Let’s just be friends, SMV = Sexual market value]

Required Reading: [Rollo’s SMV, Roissy’s Friendzoned]

The Main course: Exit LJBF. Enter SMV.

The SMV cards

Women’s SMV

Women’s SMV = sexual gatekeeper (the V slot) through beauty, and some element of femininity

Women’s predisposition to SMV = 100%. they’re born with it.

Women’s maintenance of SMV = don’t become a fat fock, don’t walk, talk, chew, or screw like a man. that’s it.

Women’s objective of SMV = Reinforce sexual value from men by acquiring their SMV resources (time/money/charm/entertainment/emotional commitment) while expending as little of her SMV resource (sex)

Men’s SMV

Men’s SMV = confidence, charm, wit, humor, status, assertiveness, wealth, talent, individuality, sophistication, style, physique (though the last one can be overcome rather easily with any of the aforementioned traits – see old creepy short hairy dude with hot model)

Men’s predisposition to SMV = 10-20%. the majority of men are not genetically gifted or born into environments that are naturally conducive to optimizing these traits. Natural selection is a bitch. Damn you Darwin.

Men’s maintenance of SMV = work your ass off in your career, gym, relationships, social situations, through sweat, blood, experimentation, humiliation, desensitization, rejection, and be successful at it while going against the social grain of postmodern feminism. Also, time, money, and entertainment.

Men’s objective of SMV = sexy time. with a hint of feminine nurture and a sprinkle of butthex.

The SMV hierarchy:

Natural alpha – maximize acquisition of female SMV resource (sex), minimize outputs of male SMV resource (time, money, attention)

Dudley douchebag – maximize female SMV by promising/exaggerating but not delivering male SMV (popularity, extremity, status, wealth)

Greater beta – (subconsciously) negotiate female SMV in exchange for male SMV (charm, money, entertainment)

Lesser beta – attempt to acquire female SMV in exchange for opulent display of male SMV (showy, braggish, etc)

Omega – fear limits attempt to pursue female SMV, thus an alternative is acquired through other means (pornholio, prostituto) with calculated expenditure of male SMV (money, time)

LJBF – dead-end attempt to acquire female SMV in exchange for endless, unrestrained access to all male SMV. This is the equivalent of female rape. As a woman’s evolutionary value is derived by her sexual capability, a man’s evolutionary value is derived by his provisional ability – do not let her pork you by taking all your resources and convincing you that you have a chance with her. That is the same as a guy porking a prostitute bareback, not paying for her negotiated services, and then falsely promising her that he will commit to her monogamously and take care of the soon-to-be bastard child.

As you can see, it is better to be donald douchebag or hairy braggadacio than to be LJBF’d. It is completely fine to be friends with a girl – just don’t singularly operate with the notion that you want to bone her. have options, make them known, and exercise some DHV to demonstrate value. If she doesn’t respond to social skill, charisma, or jealousy, at worst case, use her for practice to sharpen your social & interpersonal skills WITHOUT expending your male SMV resources. Opportunity cost = see SMV hierarchy.

As women’s instincts predispose her to a natural psychological maturity over the male, her rationalization hamster, her subconscious manipulation feigned with innocence, coated with impenetrable but flawed logic to justify her preference, will naturally maximize her hypergamous instinct by ascertaining the maximal male SMV out of you while minimizing the female SMV out of her.

As discussed, female’s SMV is derived primarily by beauty. Women are encouraged to maximize their SMV (cue any magazine cover on any magazine stand anywhere in this universe, less extremist populace), and MAXIMIZE acquisition of male SMV (open any magazine section, advice column, article, anywhere in this universe).

Men are also encouraged to maximize their external SMV (physique, wealth), but FEMINIZED (emasculated, neutralized) towards development of the more life-essential male SMV (charm, wit, humor, social skill = overall GAME, thank you darwinian descendant creators of the manosphere) and DISCOURAGED from acquisition of female SMV publicly due to social taboo. Of course, the antithesis of these dynamics exist in informal social circles (locker room notch count pissing contests, etc), but in the context of formal western civilization, the facts are the facts. Lets call the piggy a piggy.

Women are encouraged to level the playing field by acquiring male SMV resources on their own (career, money, etc), but they cannot artificially mimic their evolutionary needs of male provision (leadership, comfort, security, time, attention, companionship), just like men cannot sprout V slots. Thus, understand the general predisposition to SUBCONSCIOUSLY advance female imperative through hypergamous instinct. Better to be castrated as a eunuch omega with some resource than to be LJBF’d by voluntarily handing over hard-earned resource.


3 responses to “[dynamics] Exit LJBF. Enter SMV.

  1. Tom Hunt September 15, 2012 at 9:07 am

    Great post prof! Found your blog form Yohami.

  2. Janae September 30, 2012 at 8:14 am

    fantastic issues altogether, you simply received a new reader. What may you suggest in regards to your post that you made some days in the past? Any certain?

    [could you expand on your question/reference?]

  3. LiveFearless July 19, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    Nice! - Mapping the Manosphere

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