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Welcome to the Manosphere. This is one gateway to the Red Pill. There will be some chest-puffing, arm-flailing, and deuce-flopping, but at the end of the day, it is just a collection of a bunch of guys (and a few ladies chiming in) figuring out and passing down the ways of Men. Warning, you may get a little butthurt along the way, so feel free to agree, disagree, and enjoy the journey down the rabbit hole.  The world is yours.



Read these blogs front to back, and your game awareness/application levels will shatter ceilings, floors, and walls in every direction. For category specific articles, see the relevant sections below. If you are new to the Manosphere, enter the gateway before reading on to get a better handle on the topics below.

Update January 2016 – Read the updated manifesto of modern masculinity: Neomasculinity

The Red Pill in three Rs – Rollo, Roissy, Roosh. – Roissy, reveler of the crimson arts. arguably the most influential and infamous blogger of the manosphere.  His background in evo psych and his distillation of the mystery method gleans unique and unparalleled epiphanies that help cement the pillars of manosphere. His knowledge is eloquently stated with witty deliverance. Mastery of the language and game puts hamsters in his radar on the endangered species list. Steroid Red pill. – Rollo, mr. rational male. dissects and simplifies the complexities of socio-sexual dynamics. Cognitive dissonance is dissolved into clarity, as Rollo recreates the narrative from a rational masculine frame. Red pill for the intellectual male. – Roosh V, game player, woman slayer. follow his transition from AFC to PUA. well-written. Since his lifestyle revolves around the subject, his blogs and books disintegrate cultural platitudes and bridge the gap between game theory and practice. Some gems in his thoughts. This is where the rubber hits the road. Practical Red pill.

Other hall of famers – Krauser, the King of Daygame. complete with escalation, lines, outcomes, stories, and videos.  As you delve deeper into game, you will identify with a particular persona. His style, outlook, and outcome is most similar to mine. Day game and escalation red pill. – YSW, one of the most prolific purveyors of higher level game. Others in this league include Lucky Lothario, Maverick Traveler, Wall Street Playboys, Bold & Determined, Tim Ferriss, and a handful of others whom I will expand on in another link page dedicated purely to this realm. In a nutshell, higher level game amps up life as it was meant to live with regard to money, health, travel, etc, based on the principles of game. As a result, their application and expression of game is rather remarkable. Red pill squared. – Ricky Raw, spilling the beans about the farce of feminist conventions and the male response to game the situation. Evo psych red pill. – Map of the manosphere, providing a more detailed view of the bloggers & topics covered – Gateway to the Manosphere – Manosphere lingo

Top articles last year:

MaverickTraveler: Building amazing relationships with quality women


Below are highlights by category of some solid articles which cut to the chase. I have selected some of the more influential articles that cover the core aspects of game, and then added sections that are relevant to my niche of game (daygame, outcomes). Once you isolate your type of game based on your interest, skillset, and lifestyle, hone in on the core areas and your developmental gaps, and you will notice a significant improvement in your approach and neutral state. I was a former nice guy who did not have trouble building attraction or comfort, however I did not properly recognize/build attraction, escalate, or effectively react to shit tests until learning game. I found it easier to let my strengths run on autopilot, then isolate and incrementally improve on my weaknesses in game to advance. Whatever suits you, go with it.

If you would like to jump to a specific section, navigate through the tabs on the top of the page. Dynamics seem to be the most popular section, however you may pick up a thing or two from Context, Outcomes, and the Appendix. If you have any recommendations for article additions, comment below and I will consider adding to the collection. The objective of this collection is not to shame, bash, or undermine, but to glean perspective from the disarray of clashing views by compartmentalizing thoughts into morsels of masculine enlightenment that enable the modern man to seek out his element and maximize the input/output of his inherent and earned value.


A. [past] Context, state of nature, and the preclude to game

Behind the menutia of attitudes and exchanges of banter, there are cultural forces in play that seep through the DNA of it all. Its not always personal. This section unhinges the hindbrain, and taps into the evolutionary and cultural dynamics that puppeteer certain frames of mind. If you are new to the manosphere, and tend to be introverted and rational, open this Pandora’s box and reset the baseline. Reframe the narrative from a masculine frame. This will set the course for a mass re-engineering, and that rewiring will subconsciously seep into your interactions, engaging a deeper awareness that activates a greater reliance on instinct instead of social convention.  This is nurture over nature.

Important concepts include the baseline for feminism, cultural and parental influence in game, sexual market value by gender, social conventions, and the fundamental principle that women are the gatekeepers of sex, while men are the gatekeepers of commitment.


The Misandry bubble – the devolution of feminism –

Myth of the middle-class alpha male (fantastic) –

Feminist dream vs. nightmare –

Social crumblings –

Inner game in the turbulent 20s –

Culture affects game –

Manosphere & society –

Feminism as the trojan horse for communism –

Economic laws and sexual dynamics –

Economics of game (heavy stuff) –


Sexual Market Value –

Sexual Market Place navigation –

Hypergamy –

The stacked odds of online dating (mindf*ck) –

When women hit the wall –

The double standard –

Feminine reality –

Fem-centrism –

Post-modern feminism & women’s (un)happiness –

Females as gatekeepers –

Nice guys/Jerks –

“Nice guy” translation –

Chivalry –

AFC conventions –

Notch count –

Operative social conventions –

The numbers game fallacy –

Later marriage –

10 charts –

UNPLUG FROM THE MATRIX – taking the Red Pill

Unplug –

Breaking beta –

Beta buffers –

Beta game –

AFC (average frustrated chump) –

Bitter taste of the red pill –

Deciphering female conventions –

The truth and the denial –

Compliments –

Passive-aggressiveness –

White Knight –

The beta hamster –

Pedestalizing women –

One-itis –

Curing one-itis –

Objectification & idealization –

Filtering out insecurity –

Unconditional –

Filtering mainstream dating advice –


Fathers and non-advice –

Fathers and advice –

The beta father –

More fatherhood –


B. [current] Sexual dynamics and approach

In essence, there is passive game and active game. Passive game enables a man to develop and project value (consciously or subconsciously), and active game focuses on the pursuit (direct or indirect). This section overlaps and weaves between the two modes, and includes non-verbals, lines, relationship management, dynamics, and everything in between. It also delves into the elements of sexual market value, and the bargaining chips of each gender during the negotiation of that chemical combustion.

Important concepts include abundance (the great equalizer), screening and shattering shit tests, frame control, elements of the female psyche, escalation, LJBF, looks, and approach.

A couple of fundamental principles here:

*If you want to understand a woman, don’t listen to what she says (its usually indirect or contradictory), instead, observe her actions and reactions while you keep frame. However, if you want to get friendzoned and aspire to become a beta orbiter, write down everything she says she wants in a man, follow it to the tee, and watch your prospects bow out gracefully to better men.

*If you get friendzoned by a woman of interest, break the spell by cutting her off your male resource (time, money, attention) if the benefit is not mutual.

*Having options creates & maintains value, diminishes the impact of rejection, and deprives her of the inflated solipsistic self-centeredness projected from her ego. Never live in a woman’s world – they are in your presence to delight in your mystery. Abundance mentality.

*The alpha/beta dichotomy can forever be argued and dissected, but at the end of the day, the black-and-white distinction provides clarity on what behaviors should be promoted vs. contained. Grey area and sugar coating benefits no one in an arena of cold, hard, self-examination, and differing extreme angles, though not always agreeable, still provide perspective.

*Looks certainly help, and can help facilitate game, but they fade. Game can encourage an improvement on looks, but on its own, is a more potent force than looks alone. See old creepy guy with hot young babe. Male’s SMV includes many elements such as confidence, charm, money, status, social proof, style, skill, sophistication , etc.

*Unless you have women throwing themselves at you (fame, status), some element of escalation is required. When the groundwork is laid with value, attraction, and comfort, the man has to make some sort of move whether verbal or physical, before anything happens.  Even after breaking the seal, many obstacles (plausible deniability) are in play until the full close.

*Negatively reacting to a woman’s emotions relinquishes your control of the situation. A power vacuum yearns to be filled. Set the frame, agree & amplify positivity, and neutralize or spin negativity. Like dealing with a child, one must be in control of the situation while giving them the illusion that they are in control because they feel safe and protected while enjoying themselves in your company.

DYNAMICS (positioning)

Abundance and plate theory –

Presence –

Screening girls –

Qualifying girls –

Wingmen –

Amused mastery –

Instill dread –

Dread games –

Order & chaos –

The waiting game –

Altering negative game behaviors –

Setting the rules –

Flake tactics –

Don’t settle –

Overconfidence –

Overestimation –

NEXTing her –

Wolfpack dynamics: developing social alpha –

Sexual opportunity and selective perception –

Beauty Immunity –

Serial monogamy –

Cocooning – controlling the element –

3-date rule? –

Equally shallow –

Quality vs. Quantity –

Good girlfriend traits –

DYNAMICS (communication)

Agree & Amplify –

Steadiness: smooth persistence –

Skillful connection –

Responses to classic shit-tests –

Reflex response –

Reading in between the lines –

Order-disorder continuum –

Text game –

Phone game –

Chat game –

The pause –

Mixed signals –

The flow –

Outcome independence and the aloof alpha –

Exploring outcome independence –

Caring vs. not caring –

Demonstrate higher value (DHV) –

Cocky funny examples –

The psychology of cocky/funny –

Make her laugh – How to make a girl laugh (cocky/funny) –

Foreplay and gameplay –

Casual sex –

The Natural –

Small talk –

Game proofing –

Personality molding –

Masc vs. Fem game –

The art of the Flirt –


Positioning –

Frame positioning –

Frame control and indirect communication –

Framing revisited –

Relationship frame –


Wit & charisma –

Eye contact game (Roissy) –

Eye contact game –

Eye contact & sexual tension –

Experimenting with eye contact –

Good eye contact example (Top Gun) –

Intelligence swagger –

Wit –


What women want –

Woman say vs. Woman do –

What women say vs. what they mean –

The woman’s thinking –

Never listen to a woman’s advice –

Seriously, never listen to a woman’s advice –

Women & rejection –

Feminine mystique –

Drama queens –

Social skillset –

Attention –

Obedience –

Woman up –

Why women cheat –

Tap her imagination –

Unrealistic expectations –

Women & sex drive –

The burden of selectivity –

Woman’s filter –

Tomboys & girly-girls –

Older women –

Relative female SMV –

What a girl’s job tells you –

High-earning women, low-earning SMV –

Women’s sixth sense –

If girls and guys swapped –

GAME PHASES – Attraction/Comfort/Closing

General date model –

Escalation model –

Building attraction –

Building more attraction –

Sexual tension (hall of famer) –

Get into sexual state –

Indicators of Interest (IOIs) –

Verbal escalation –

The kiss close –

Kiss close video + analysis –

K-close –

Kino escalation science –

Kino escalation science 2 –

Biomechanics of kino –

Plausible deniability (pre-close) –


Intergender friendship –

Friends –

Getting out –

Escape –

LJBF (lets just be friends) –

Friendship ladder theory –

Friends with Benefits (FWB) –

The SMV ladder –


Relationship game –

Average game –

Dating game –

Relational equity –

Fidelity –

Compatibility –

Mismatched couple dynamics (also includes cougar/cub) –

Couple dynamics –

Hot girls and gay boyfriends –

Winning her over –

Planting the seeds –

The old flame –

Married game –

Men in love –

Women in love –

Of love & war –


Observational compliments –

Social exercises for men –

The confidence sub-routine –

Dating exercise for women –

More advice for women –


The looks department –

The looks factor –

Game by body type –

Thin dudes (Ecto) –

Athletic dudes (Meso) –

Big dudes (Endo) –

Case study –

Caring about looks –

Shifting perceptions –

Standard of beauty –

Hot vs. sexy –

Beauty & esteem combos –


Defining Roissy’s alpha-male –

Inner game analysis –

Archetype of masculinity –

Value awareness –

Sex drive –

Sexual self-control –

Limbo –

Inception –


Learning to approach –

Approach anxiety –

Signs of approach –

Lines –

Learning from rejection –

Direct game –

Approaching girls at bars –

Experience –


Indirect vs. Direct game –

Passive vs. Active game –

Mythology game –

Young game –

Direct game –

Night game –

Eye contact game –

Phone game –

Text game –

Chat game –

Wing game –

Long game –

Club game –

World Game –

Christian game –

Moral game –

Young vs. old game –

Average game –

Online dating openers –

Online dating game –

Daygame overview –

Daygame analysis –

Daygame openers –

Daygame lines –

Life cycle of daygame –

Daygame all-stars –


PUA linkage –

From Open to Close –

RSD Nation –

RSD videos –

Richard LaRuina “The Gambler” – Stealth seduction through non-verbals –

Stealth seduction – skillful use of indirect non-verbals (m!ndf*ck) –


C. [future] Outcomes & pathways

So what now? After the notch count, success in many realms, or nabbing that long-term catch? Game is hopefully internalized by now, and is still required to maintain. However, the endgame often changes focus towards a desire of true womanly essence – femininity. The evolution of applied game should induce a masculine frame, which in turn should attract and maintain a feminine woman, given the right context – many men relocate to eastern geographies to obtain this type of woman as the culture is more conducive of such traits. Furthermore, there are many elements of game, as evidenced through archetypes. Though the fundamental tenets of game are unshakable, the varying flavors reveal different outcomes and pathways of success, largely dependent on the context.


After the notch count – Femininity –

Endgame: Femininity –

Marriage and age –

Long-term game –

Big picture –

Practical game –

Renaissance Man game –


Western, Eastern, and World Game –

Lifestyle –

Naughty Nomad – Game city guides (international playboy extraordinaire) –

Asia holiday run –

Archetypes of men/women –

GAME archetypes – the many flavors of game (more to come soon)

Kenny Powers [socially aloof narcissist alpha game] –


Kevin Smith game [aged ungroomed famous mall rat game] –

Corey Worthington [trust fund baby house party game] –

Why learn game?

The validity of game –

Game-changer –

The axioms of game –

Factors of game –

Measure game outcomes –

Why game matters –

Nature of game –

The dark side of game –

Future of game –

The trade-off –




Definitions –

Roissy Game definition –

The Rationalization Hamster –

Hypergamy –

Dating market value test – Men –

Dating market value test – Women –

Red pill summary –

Objective beauty –

The 1-10 scale –

Red Pill enlightenment –

The stone soup of Game –

Hamster science:

Manosphere map –

The socio-sexual hierarchy –

TOP lists

Collection of Roosh/Roissy articles for LTR game and handling female relations in general –

Collection of Rollo articles after 1 year and 1 million views –

Iron rules (Rollo Tomassi) –

Sixteen Commandments (Roissy) –

Roissy maxims I –

Roissy maxims II –

Immutable laws of pick-up (Roosh) –

Game fixers –

Reflections – 7 things I would tell my teenage self (Roosh) –

Change these behaviors (Roosh) –

Book reviews –

More book reviews –

Even more book & blog reviews –

Blog Pipeline:
  • 1-year reflection after getting into game
  • Higher-level game and the bloggers that populate this realm
The Professor
Raza Dell

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